Redefine The Healthy Taste Of Tea With Muya Kuti

“Muya ‘Kuti’ is a lightly caffeinated tea that has many health benefits than any other ordinary tea”

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM: Muya, a London-based company, is introducing their Ethiopian coffee leaf tea to the United Kingdom for the first time ever. Their tea is made from the leaves of the Arabica plant which is lightly caffeinated and has many health benefits including resistance to diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, and much more. Muya focuses on creating awareness about coffee leaves and its immense benefits to the public.

 “Our interest in discovering health-promoting foods and beverages has substantially grown as we become more conscious of what we habitually consume. This naturally involved looking into indigenous cultures where minimally processed ingredients are found to be the key to their relatively good health and wellbeing.” Muya.

The company has managed to create a great social impact by producing and harvesting coffee leaves constantly and sustainably, providing all-year-round employment for the coffee pickers and farmers even during the offseason, and minimizing waste production by upcycling the coffee leaves. With the use of plant-based tea bags, sustainable tea boxes, and 100% compostable pouches, Muya has been able to deliver coffee leaf tea in eco-friendly packages without compromising on quality.

Their coffee leaf teas are found to have much better benefits than any other tea on the market, which include:

  • Higher content of antioxidants
  • Higher content of mangiferin, which is effective against diabetes, liver damage, and cancer
  • Higher levels of anti-inflammatory compounds that regulate blood sugar levels
  • Low in Caffeine, even lower than green tea
  • Helps to boost metabolism and weight management

Muya Kuti is sourced from coffee farmers in Ethiopia and is meticulously prepared following traditional and customary processes and packaged exclusively in the UK.  

Visit or contact 020-7284-3665 to have a taste of one of the finest Ethiopian tea in the UK that nourishes your health and wellbeing.

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